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expedite passport processing timeExpedited Passports & Visas is a private passport expediting company, if you are travelling in the near future you may need our fast passport services. All service purchases from us are for expediting, overnight shipping, and logistics of getting your passport or visa faster than normal. Department of State government fees are not included in our service fees.

We’ve helped over 75,000 people with their Rushed US Passport needs and we offer industry-best pricing on services.

What is this service exactly?
We’re allotted a limited number of in-person drop-offs at regional passport offices each day, each drop-off is processed in a specified number of days. Drop off privileges are NOT available to the general public and you must go through an authorized courier to utilize them. You are paying to use one of these limited drop-offs.
Government Authorized Passport Couriers
All of our passport couriers are US Department of State Passport Office registered and authorized as part of the the Passport Agency hand-courier program to rush your passport application. In addition to federal government background checks, all couriers must adhere to strict submission standards to remain in the program.

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