Initial Contact After Placing an Order
After placing an order on the Expedited Passports & Visas website or over the phone with our Customer Service Staff, you will then be placed into a queue to speak to a Case Manager who will handle every aspect of your order. They will try to reach you multiple times at the phone number(s) you supply and at the email address provided. They need to speak with you over the phone to go over your order details, where they will confirm all your information and review the service that you purchased to ensure that we will expedite your documents in the time frame that you have requested.
Refund Policy
1 Business Day 100% Refund Terms

Customers may cancel for a full refund up to 1 Business Day after placing an order as long as they have not spoken to their Case Manager and the reservation booked with their case manager for their documents to be received by us has not been made yet.

This covers scenarios like:

  • – If you order service and change your mind within 1 Business Day or;
  • – If you order service and end up not needing expedited service after speaking to your case manager.


Refund Terms After 1 Business Day

If after 1 Business Day a customer wishes to cancel and the reservation has NOT been made, the order will be subject to a cancellation fee as follows:

Same Day / Next Day Passport Service: $100
2-3 Day Brazil Visa Service: $100
All Others: $50

To avoid incurring this fee: Simply tell us you want to cancel within 1 Business Day (as long as a reservation has not been made): Call us, Use the contact form, or tell us when we contact you by phone! – but please respond to our emails and answer our phone calls when we contact you. We will contact each customer within 30 minutes (during normal business hours) by both phone and email. Orders placed on the website after normal business hours will have the whole next business day to cancel (if necessary) without penalty.

Orders in progress

If a customer has spoken to their Case Manager and a reservation has been made, the customer would NOT be entitled to a refund regardless of when the order has been placed. The reservation (once confirmed with your case manager) is limited to a fixed number of submissions per day. The reservation when made entitles you to be the sole user of that reservation and prevents us from allowing another potential paying customer to utilize it. A $100 reservation change fee will apply on all Same Day and Next Day passport services if you fail to meet a reservation once one is made AND we have to book another reservation.

Note: Send in your completed documents as instructed and agreed to. If you make a reservation and are unable to utilize it or find out afterwards that your trip was cancelled or it’s unnecessary for any other reason: you may use the services for another individual besides yourself, use the fees towards another type of service (passport or visa), or have a credit indefinitely placed on your account. A reservation change fee may apply if the original reservation is missed and a new on has to be made.

Service Guarantee
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our expediting service. If we fail to submit a customers’ documents so that they are submitted in the time frame that the customer paid for, customers may request a full refund of the expediting fees paid for on this website. Our scheduling and submission process happens on schedule 100% of the time as long as the customers documents are properly filled out, the correct documents are supplied, Department of State fees and/or consulate fees are properly paid, and there are no issues with the documents. Service guarantees also DO NOT extended to issues and / or delays with the Passport Agencies, Consulates, Embassies, or FedEx delivery issues. The 100% money-back guarantee extends to the fees for our courier services only; fees paid directly or on your behalf by us to the Department of State or Consulates / Embassies are not eligible for a refund.
Suspended Orders Policy
Suspensions are outside of our control. We do not issue any refund or credits due to suspensions. It is possible to have your application suspended by the US Department of State for any number of reasons including (but not limited to): Incorrect information on a passport application, non-standard or non-acceptable passport photos, lack of identification, lack of proof of citizenship, non-payment of child support and other reasons. Orders that get suspended are not eligible for a refund under our service guarantee.

It is our policy to help you try to resolve any suspensions 100% of the time at no additional cost from us. This does not include any additional passport photos, official documents, or additional and/or upgraded FedEx shipping labels.

Service Upgrade / Downgrade Policies
Customers may downgrade their service (without penalty) as long as the reservation to receive their documents has NOT been confirmed by a case manager. After speaking to a case manager and a reservation has been made, it will not be possible to downgrade the service level. Any downgrade that results in a refund being due to the customer will be credited back to the customers credit card.

A customer may upgrade to a faster service level at any time if the reservation has not been made. Once a customers documents have been submitted, it may NOT be possible to upgrade the service level. Please contact your case manager for availability. The charge for any service level upgrade requested will be equal to the cost difference of the new service level and the original service level paid for. Necessary service level upgrades due to document suspension will be the responsibility of the customer.

Business days and hours are Monday – Friday (9-5 EST). 1 Business day is equal to 24 hours (holidays and weekends are not business days).
Shipping Upgrades – A variety of shipping upgrades may be available including same day air freight, return Saturday delivery, and return early morning delivery – Any such upgrades will incur an additional cost. Because geographic location and timing of receipt can have an almost infinite number of variables; we have to handle these requests on a case-by-case basis when requested. Please contact your case manager for details.