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H GouldH Gould
01:48 11 Apr 23
We received excellent service from Joel R. Our passports were expired and we needed to expedite processing of 2 adult and 1 child passports. Joel kept our communication open and guided us throughout the process. It was our first time using this service and I had multiple questions. Joel patiently emailed several times during the day to clarify some of my questions. He was prompt, patient, and very helpful. I highly recommend Joel and Expedited Passport and Visas.
Yahsmeene DuffeyYahsmeene Duffey
19:32 23 Mar 23
Got my passport in 6 days! Joel was professional and always available to me despite the time difference (Florida and California). The most difficult part of the whole process is getting an apt at a passport agency or finding one that allows walk - ins, but after that have no worries, your passport is on the way! Definitely worth the price, would recommend!
Tara AlcazarTara Alcazar
02:46 25 Jan 23
We booked a trip thinking we could use the government “less than 14 days” travel appointment but found out the only appointment was the day before we left. Cue Expedited Passports and Visas. From the very minute I submitted our order, I was kept in the loop of every step. Kevon was our case manager and he was patient with my panicked questions. He talked me through all the required documents and reassured me that, despite a holiday, our passport would arrive in time for our trip. Joel, another case manager, gave me his direct line and told me to text him with any questions or concerns. We received our passport within four business days of its submission. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs an expedited passport and trust them implicitly. Worth every penny. Thank you!
Melinda StockslagerMelinda Stockslager
00:11 16 Jan 23
Excellent service that delivers! Discovered my son's passport had expired on 12/24/22. Minors passports expire every 5 years. Yikes! Lesson learned! We were able to push our trip from 1/2/23 to 1/8/23. Thank you to Adria G for all her very prompt and informative responses throughout the process. Started the process on 12/26/22 after the holiday. New passport in hand Friday 1/6/23 at 12 pm! Adria always answered the phone during business hours and answered emails promptly. Our trip was wonderful and we are so thankful for this service! Completely legitimate. I was skeptical at first, but not anymore!
Broc EledgeBroc Eledge
21:42 05 Dec 22
Adria was excellent! I had all my documents in and she told me when I would receive it and I did. The only thing was they said they would send me a tracking # by the end of day on a Friday and I never received it and I worried through the entire weekend so f my passport was shipped or not since I was leaving on the following Wednesday I wouldn’t have had any time to do anything if it wasn’t shipped. But 1st thing Monday morning Adria emailed me my tracking # and I received the passport by midday Monday just in time to leave on my trip Wednesday morning at 4:00 am. Thank you Adria, I would recommend you for anyone that needs to get their passport in a hurry!!


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Company Note About Reviews
The reviews listed via Google are a random sampling of our actual customers with completed orders, Nearly every review is positive for a reason, we strive to make every customer happy. These are the only reviews that are actually tied to valid Expedited Passports & Visas orders when our review partner asks the customer to do a review. See Google Reviews for more information.

We understand that there is an occasional customer that did not have a positive experience or get the outcome they wanted; Whether because of incorrect documentation, bad passport photos, FedEx mistakes, other suspensions of their application or even if someone here made a mistake on a customers submission time. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, there are times when this isn’t possible but we’ll still do everything we can to make this a positive experience for you.